47 university students are selected to participate in The Earthlink Summer Training this year

Earthlink Summer Training

Earthlink welcomes Youth Training

EarthLink provided training for 47 students from various Iraqi universities to participate in EarthLink’s annual two-month summer training.

Bashar Khaled Yusuf, a student at the University of ICT and one of the participants in the training, said: “There are many internet companies in Iraq, so I had many options in choosing the company from which I would like to get the training. I chose Earthlink because it is the largest company, well-known and famous in Iraq. Earthlink offers the best Internet service. I was also sure that it had professional staff, and that learning on its own would make the most of it so that I could develop my expertise and knowledge.”


Sajjad Samir Fadhil, a student at the same university, and a participant in the training said: “Training at Earthlink provided me with valuable information that filled the gap between what I learned at the university in academic systems and the experiences of The Earthlink staff due to their actual work experience. Which is what I need to get a job after graduation, and to be able to do it right as well as training and practice are the best way to learn.”

What is the use of training?

Taha Sarmad, a student at the Technical Administrative College and a participant in the Earthlink summer training, spoke about the usefulness of training, stating that “the benefit lies in strengthening the student’s information and adding other information that will benefit him in the future when he works in the same discipline.”

Ahmed Hussein Salman, a student at the Central Technical University, expressed his happiness and said: I am very happy to participate in The Earthlink Summer Training, as it is the largest company in Iraq. Summer training has been very useful, as it has expanded my expertise and provided me with additional, very valuable information, complementary to the information I gained during my university studies in previous years. My experience has increased dramatically, and training has added me a range of English terms related to competence, whose knowledge is important within the labor market. So I thank your Earthlink staff for these efforts.”


Earthlink’s annual summer training is one of The Earthlink’s sustainable development projects, seeking to qualify students and enable them to easily gain access to the labor market. Earthlink seeks to develop training each year by increasing the number of seats annually to include more trainees. Earthlink, on the other hand, evaluates the performance of students participating in the training, providing evaluation data to the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and the International Research and Exchange Council (IREX) within the Iraqi Workforce Development Program.

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August 22, 2019

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