Falcon: First submarine cable that transmit internet to Iraq


In 2013, Earthlink signed a contract with the Iraqi Ministry of Communications and Reliance International facility. The contract aims to market international capacities via the Falcon cable. This contract is considered as one of the most important strategic contracts for the marketing of capacities. And one of the most important contracts the Iraqi government signs in the field of telecommunications and the Internet.

What’s the importance of Falcon’s contract?

Earthlink made sure to sign the contract with both the Iraqi government and Reliance Facility. It shall allow Iraq to keep pace with the continuous development in the field of the Internet. The contract period lasts for 15 Years. And the total cost is 60 million dolors.
Capacities are passed through the Falcon submarine cable through FAO, which connects us to the Arabian Gulf. The capacities are up to 9 LMS.
The submarine cable is an important source of the Internet for the Iraqi Ministry of Communications. And is one of the most important sources of service to Earthlink.
The submarine cable carries Internet capacity across the world to Iraq. It extends from FAO in southern Iraq to the Gulf. Then to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal. And then to the Mediterranean and Europe.

EarthLink aims to provide continuous and stable Internet services to its subscribers and other companies that benefit from this service. Thus, the company is keeping a pace with the telecommunication development. And the use of the latest mechanisms stems from Earthlink’s urgent need to develop the communication sector.


The benefits of using Fiber Optical Cables

Today, optical cables are no longer merely transmission lines of information and capacity. but has become part of the national and economic security of each developed country. Those countries often provide technical and human programs to protect the cables from damage and breakage. As Australia did when it described its submarine cables as “Revives the Australian economy”. Thus, the country established protected areas at sea to prevent glitches or cuts in these cables.
The benefits of submarine cables are no longer confined to companies. Governments have started to benefit from it economically.

The cables history

In 1850, the first submarine cable was established. It was laid between France and Britain. 13 years later; another cable was laid. Britain became a part of the process when it was connected with the Arabian Peninsula and India. All these cables were used to transmit telegraph messages and then make phone calls.
Initially, these cables were not made of strong metal in a modern way. But of traditional metal wire and the primitive way that might damage it at any moment. Until 1988 came, the first fiber-optic cable was laid across the Atlantic. The world started a new stage in transferring information.

Fiber Optical Cable

Can cables replace the use of satellites?

When the world started using submarine cable, the transmission of capacities and information via satellites has been largely eliminated. Those satellites transit 1% of the world’s total information currently. The cause is that cables can pass a terabit per second while the satellite can pass Information at speeds less than (Megabits per second 1000).
Earthlink’s interest to use the most modern and fast mechanisms to pass the capacity of the Internet, confirms its keenness on the future of advanced communications in Iraq. And to meet the needs of users on an ongoing basis. Earthlink continued planning to develop the communication sector in Iraq and applied the IQB Project.


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October 14, 2019

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