Turbo Package

Are you a gamer? Need to download big files? Check out the «Turbo» pack, dedicated to meeting your needs.

Perfect for heavy use

Speed Ratio: 5.3X
Suitable for: 8 users

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By Gamers, for Gamers

connections are provided over our specialist network, linked directly to Xbox, Steam, Twitch, Amazon, and Google for rapid gaming response times.

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Speeds by Turbo

BY combining our High- Performing consistent connectivity and specialist network management with an expansive. we put you Ahead the Game.

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Enjoy the online entertainment and media services.

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Family Protection

Enjoy the online entertainment and media services.

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Turbo Package FAQ

EarthLink packages summary

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What are the advantages of the Turbo subscription?

  • It features high speeds that are suitable for online gaming players and download or upload large files without lag.
  • Suitable for: 8 users Click to subscribe.

Is a Turbo subscription suitable for gamers?

«Turbo» is a subscription dedicated to Players of online games, and who Dealing with big data,  as it can be used by 8 users without lag and high speed. And you can find out which subscription is suitable for you via a help plan.

What is the price of a Turbo subscription?

Subscription prices are determined by Resellers, where prices are usually somewhat similar between Resellers, and if you are dissatisfied with the price of your subscription, please contact us through social media channels.

Is the Turbo subscription suitable for use by 8 users?

Definitely, it is suitable for use by 8 users without any service issue.

How do I check my active subscription type?

You can find out the details of your home subscription, subscription type, username, remaining days and many other details through My EarthLink application.

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