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Earthlink joined the world's fight to maintain a sustainable life by applying multiple charitable projects is Iraq.

Earthlink Sustainability Program

Sustainability means developing products to provide a decent life for the current generation in ways that do not lead to the depletion of natural resources to ensure the continuation of resources for future generations, to ensure the sustainability of life. It can be applied by making the right decisions in the fields of society, environment, and economy to improve life. Its achievement requires global solidarity and great efforts.

Earthlink charitable projects achieve exceptional results in 2021

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Sustainability project

Our charitable projects have contributed to achieving a set of sustainable goals in Iraq

Quality Education

Earthlink Educational Scholarship started in 2019 for outstanding students. We also collaborated to implement Iraq’s first e-learning project. And applied summer training for college student yearly. 

Gender Equality

We’ve been working on empowering females by enabling them to gain their right to education through Tamkeen project.

Good Health and Well-Being

Earthlink sponsored the first e-health project in Iraq Amal Tech. We have also built a charitable health center in collaboration with Al-Yateem organization.

Industry, Innovation, And Infrastructure

Educational projects for young people in the fields of energy and technology can promote this goal. One of these projects is Al-Ghad Al-Mushriq – EarthLink Training Center.

Responsible Consumption And Production

We are working to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions as well as reduce the use of plastic bottles, paper consumption and hardware waste.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

We are the largest local investor in the Iraqi economy. We are creating thousands of jobs plus a huge economic value through the Backbone investment.

Affordable and Clean Energy

We rely on solar energy in 91 locations across Iraq to cover our need for energy, as we are aiming to reduce dependence on fossil fuel associated with gas emissions.

no poverty

No poverty

We are contributing to accomplishing this goal by providing a monthly subvention for children who have lost their parents in Baghdad and Nasiriyah governorate.

climate action

Climate Action

Earthlink implemented some projects to combat desertification on the international Earth Day as well as reducing the use of fuel and rely on alternative energy


Earthlink applied multiple projects to keep the environment from contamination. We are working on reducing the use of energy consumption and CO2. Earthlink has already started depending on solar power to gain the main power, plus reducing the plastic bottles and paper consumption. 

Earthlink is willing to control the devices waste such as computers and Internet infrastructure  because electronics contain lead which can damage our central nervous system and kidneys. 

E-waste contains hundreds of substances, of which many are toxic. This includes mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, selenium, chromium, and flame retardants.


We are creating and supporting multiple activities that focus on the development of youth talent and the provision of a comfortable living environment for needy families. It also implements many social projects that include providing monthly guarantees for orphans, providing Internet access and computers and training young orphans on how to use it to learn.

Earthlink encourages education as a human right by providing scholarships to girls living in poor social strata, and host summer training for young graduates. We support a range of charities to implement health projects, clothing supply projects, and job opportunities.


Proud to be one of the largest local investor in the Iraqi economy. We are creating thousands of jobs and boosting the economic value through the Backbone investment.

We are contributing directly to create an estimated 30,000 jobs with our reseller partners. Earthlink creates thousands of jobs by investing in infrastructure projects and stimulating small and medium businesses that depend on the internet.

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