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Parental Control

Our application gives parents the ability to block sites identified as spam, inappropriate, or sites that offer adult content to ensure that their families have a safe Internet experience.


Subscription expiry date

By using My Earthlink application, subscribers who logged-in into the application previously will receive an alert before the expiry of the internet subscription plan and another one after the activation.


Technical Support

you can contact the Technical Support directly if you faced any problem with any of the Earthlink services or simply you can read the frequently asked questions.

User app phone

Earthlink Wi-Fi service

The application provides the ability to identify the location of the nearest Wi-Fi service according to the geographical location. The application requires subscribers to activate their GPS on their mobile phone.


Subscription Refilling

Subscribers can re-activate the internet subscription after purchasing their subscription card from there reseller. It can be refilled by entering the subscription card information for each subscription. This information includes the ID card and password.


More information

The application helps Earthlink subscribers to know the rest of the home subscription types and to choose the subscription that suits them according to their needs, as well as identifying the offers and other services we provide.

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