Earthlink Wi-Fi is FREE!

Stay in touch with your beloved ones all the time!​

Earthlink Wi-Fi is FREE!

Stay in touch with your beloved ones all the time!​

Earthlink Wi-Fi

Stay in touch with your beloved ones all the time!

Having a good time with family and want to share it with your friends? Check out our free WiFi service! Now with Earthlink free WiFi, you can stay in touch with your beloved ones all the time in more than 1600 locations including cafes, restaurants, markets, institutions and other public places. Stay connected!

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FREE Wi-Fi for Home Users

How to connect for unlimited period?

  1. Ensure from the Reseller (the owner of the tower) that your account is Earthlink, and ask him to provide you with your username & password.
  2. Open the following link on your browser.
  3. Click on the Earthlink subscriber.
  4. Enter your username & password and enjoy a fast and free Internet connection.

Using other provider?

Get Earthlink Wi-Fi Cards

Subscribers of other competitors can purchase the Earthlink Wi-Fi recharge cards from the same site where the service is available. Following categories are available:

To find out where the service is nearby you, download the “Earthlink Telecommunications” mobile application from your favorite app store.

Earthlink Telecommunications App.

Enjoy using Earthlink Wi-Fi?

Ready to become an Earthlink user and to unlock all the benefits of a Home User?

Earthlink Wi-Fi For Businesses

Wi-Fi equipment, free maintenance, free internet connection and more…

For restaurants and cafe owners, Earthlink is happy to provide you with Wi-Fi equipment, free maintenance, and free internet connection. It is easy to notice that young customers prefer to site and spend time in places with Free Wi-Fi, and Earthlink will help you to get it.

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Earthlink will provide business owners with equipment for free

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Free delivering Hotspot scratch cards.

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Unlimited access

Earthlink users can use the service for unlimited time and free

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Users can use hotspot scratch card in any place that provides the service.

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Free Support, maintenance, and Internet connection

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Other users can use the service free for 30 minutes

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No quality loss

Hotspot internet quality does not affect the number of connected users.

Order Earthlink for your Business

For more information about the service, please use the form or contact us on:

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