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Al-Watani by EarthLink and Digital Zone by Qi: A Significant Collaboration, Innovative Solution, and Easier Access to Internet Services!

Baghdad, Iraq - May 26, 2024 EarthLink and Qi Group announced today a strategic collaboration between Al-Watani from EarthLink, an FTTH internet service provider, and Digital Zone from Qi, a digital card platform within the Qi...

Read more May 29, 2024

EarthLink Wins Two International Awards for Excellence in Technology and Social Responsibility

Baghdad, Iraq – February 22, 2024 EarthLink, as a leading telecommunications and information technology company in Iraq, has achieved another milestone by winning two international awards from the International Finance Awards for 2023, which were recently announced. These awards recognize EarthL...

Read more February 25, 2024

Earthlink and Etisalat Academy by e& Join Forces for Cutting-Edge Telecom Training

Empowering Earthlink Employees through Pursuit of Telecom Excellence Baghdad, Iraq – July 7th, 2023 Earthlink Iraq and Etisalat Academy by e& have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing their relationship in creating ...

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The Second Information Technology (IT LIVE) Forum Sponsored By Earthlink

With Earthlink’s technical support (IT Live 2019) forum was held in AL-Shaab closed international Stadium hall. Earthlink support for this forum comes as a part of its general orientation for supporting and developing information technology in Iraq. The forum which was held in 5th and 6th on the l...

Read more January 8, 2020
IT Live

Earthlink supports youth rehabilitation projects and offers vocational training for two months

In collaboration with the Baghdad Women's Association...

Read more November 12, 2019
التدريب المهني

Earthlink Reseller Application.. uses and benefits

Advantages and uses of the Earthlink Reseller application (Earthlink Reseller) If you are an Earthlink Reseller, you can take advantage of the great benefits of Earthlink Reseller. The application facilitates your tasks of creating and activating subscriptions quickly and it is simple. It ...

Read more October 26, 2019
Earthlink Reseller application

Falcon: First submarine cable that transmit internet to Iraq

In 2013, Earthlink signed a contract with the Iraqi Ministry of Communications and Reliance International facility. The contract aims to market international capacities via the Falcon cable. This contract is considered as one of the most important strategic contracts for the marketing of capacities....

Read more October 14, 2019

Add a location in Google Maps

If the world has become a small village thanks to the Internet, How can we travel around this village No matter how much places and streets you know, There is no doubt that you once searched for a specific geographic location via the Internet,. whether it’s a state, a city, or even a sm...

Read more October 10, 2019

Earthlink participates in the reconstruction of Ishtar School

Since its establishment in the 1950s, Ishtar School has provided vocational education to many generations of female students. The school is currently teaching more than 170 students and it's now facing t...

Read more October 9, 2019
Ishtar School

Detect and avoid fraudulent pages

One of the tricks hackers use to penetrate your computer is to fake pages that can penetrate your device as soon as it you click on its link in order to for open it because it contains malicious files. So, if you want to discover these pages and avoid it, you should continue reading: Sometimes yo...

Read more October 9, 2019

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