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If the world has become a small village thanks to the Internet, How can we travel around this village?

No matter how much places and streets you know, There is no doubt that you once searched for a specific geographic location via the Internet,. whether it’s a state, a city, or even a small restaurant in this city and the rest of its neighboring shops. The Internet always gives you a result when you search for a topic. And offers you a wide range of websites that allow you to travel around the world to learn about civilizations or see tourist and archeological sites. But finding the geographic location you’re looking for might not give you accurate results on most of the time.

How do I find a geographic location via the Internet?

One of the many benefits that the Internet provides is maps that guide you to any location you want to visit. Google Maps is one of the most trusted and interactive maps sites that depend on the help of the users around the world whom enter the map basics. And whether the locations are famous like the Iraqi National Museum, or unknown like the little coffee shop that you love.

By using Google Maps, you’ll be able to share all places with other users and help them reach it. You’ll also be able to visit places you do not know with the help of an anonymous user who has become part of the Google Maps community and shared the information you needed.

How do I suggest a geographic location in Google Maps?

If you want to enter the shopping center location where you buy your needs, your sports center or any other location. You can use Google Maps to inform the users about the center’s name, geographic location, open hours, and many other details. And so on, you can register any geographic or commercial location to help millions of users around the world access it.

Using your Gmail account, open Google Maps and search for the location you want to enter. Then click on add missing address. A red pin will appear, you can move it to select where you want to enter data and fill in the required information in the drop-down menu on the upper right corner of the screen. The required informations are the location name, title, category, phone number, website and work hours.

What will happen next?

Google will review the information you’ve entered, so results may take some time before they appear for other users. You may receive an email about the information you entered when Google reviews it. And you may receive other users’ questions about the location.

Wait, What about the business I own?

Business owners can advertise their business locations for free on Google Maps via Google Business to attract more customers and help them reach the specified location. You can register your business location via Google for Business to control what users see when searching for it, interacting with customers by reading and replying to their comments, sharing photos of your products or services you provide, advertising your website, and many other benefits.

What is Google Business?

A free tool from Google that you can use to advertise your businesses and company online. The tool also helps you on managing the presence in searches and maps. First, you’ll need to enter business information by entering your trade name, country, address, city, county, postal code, work phone, rating, website, and how to deliver products to your customers.

Once your business information has been verified with by the confirmation email you’ll receive, the results will appear on the map and you’ll be able to edit them, plus taking advantage of all the available features Google offers.

With the help of Google Maps and its users around the world, you’ll be able to:

  • Make more money.
  • Spend your vacation in a new entertainment spot.
  • Travel to multiple areas and discover them.
  • Or get to work early by relying on a new abbreviated street you didn’t know previously.

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October 10, 2019

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