The Second Information Technology (IT LIVE) Forum Sponsored By Earthlink

IT Live

With Earthlink’s technical support (IT Live 2019) forum was held in AL-Shaab closed international Stadium hall. Earthlink support for this forum comes as a part of its general orientation for supporting and developing information technology in Iraq. The forum which was held in 5th and 6th on the last April was the biggest information technology gathering in Iraq.
IT LIVE forum aims to build and develop a society for technology experts to exchange skills and experience and raise awareness about the technology.

The Highlights Of The Forum

The forum included discussion sessions that addressed many subjects. the most important subjects were how to manage information technology, study computer courses in schools and the possibility of developing them.
It also included an interest in university studies inside the Iraqi universities in relation to the connected fields of information technology and discussed the Draft electronic crime law. In addition covered some modern techniques like Database Sequencing Technology (Blockchain), (Deep Learning), and the importance of use information technology in the medical section. Besides that, some of the Participating emerging projects had been reviewed in the forum to get the support and care from present large companies.

The Minister of Communications attended these sessions as well as many other local and international personalities.
In addition to a wide audience reached more than 4200 people which is considered a record.

Why The Widely Focus On Information Technology?

The information and communication technology field has become today the main engine to the global economy, where the number of mobile users has exceeded five billion users.
Earthlink seeks to pay attention to such initiatives, and providing the necessary care to continue those initiatives, for the advancement of technology and economic reality in Iraq. Also, the investment of youth energies and supporting them assists widely in building a modern country based on proper technology.

Earthlink has already provided sponsorship to the second version of the forum, which was held last year in 2018.
Earthlink also contributed to supporting and sponsoring a lot of related initiatives and conferences, like (BIT18) forum, and Baghdad conference for communication and information technology 2018. In addition to sponsoring (DU3M) initiative for the development of communication and technology in Iraq. And hosting (IOT MAKER) initiative, etc..

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January 8, 2020

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