Al-Watani by EarthLink and Digital Zone by Qi: A Significant Collaboration, Innovative Solution, and Easier Access to Internet Services!

Baghdad, Iraq – May 26, 2024

EarthLink and Qi Group announced today a strategic collaboration between Al-Watani from EarthLink, an FTTH internet service provider, and Digital Zone from Qi, a digital card platform within the Qi Banking Services app, marking a new phase characterized by easier access. This collaboration aligns with both companies’ ongoing efforts to support digital transformation across the country and prioritize customer satisfaction.

Among the notable benefits of this collaboration is the facilitation of the subscription process, allowing Al-Watani Internet subscribers to purchase optical fiber internet recharge cards via the Digital Zone platform within the Qi Banking Services app. This service is secure and convenient for the customers, ensuring availability and ease of use. This service provides the feature of obtaining the recharge card code instantly from the app by simply pressing the purchase button in Digital Zone.

Mr. Ali Hazim, Chief of Commercials at EarthLink, stated: “This collaboration embodies our firm commitment to providing innovative and convenient solutions to our customers. It also reflects our strategic vision to enhance the user experience and effectively and reliably meet their needs. This collaboration is an important step in the company’s journey towards offering advanced and innovative services in the digital technology world.”

Mr. Saif Al-Mufti, CEO of Digital Zone, expressed the importance of this collaboration, saying: “This collaboration redefines service accessibility and strengthens our efforts in offering innovative solutions that make electronic payments and service access easier and more convenient. We are excited to witness the fruitful results together and celebrate more successes.”

About Al-Watani Internet from EarthLink:

Al-Watani Internet from EarthLink is the largest provider of FTTH internet services in Iraq. Al-Watani services are characterized by high speed and stability, meeting the digital needs of customers throughout Iraq.

About Qi Card:

Qi Card is the leading provider of electronic payment services in Iraq. It has pioneered digital payments in Iraq since 2007 as the first provider of payment services in Iraq, and since its establishment, Qi has continued to grow and lead the competition to become the largest player in the industry in terms of market share and transaction volume. Qi has revolutionized the Iraqi market by providing simple, easy, affordable, and effective financial inclusion methods. To date, Qi has issued approximately 8 million payment cards and has a network of 15,000 point-of-sale devices, operated by about 10,000 cash withdrawal agents spread across Iraq. Qi also manages around 500 registration centers.

About Digital Zone:

Digital Zone is an advanced and innovative platform revolutionizing the way cards and subscriptions are sold remotely. Digital Zone caters to a diverse range of customers, offering local and international digital cards, encompassing everything from recharge cards to gaming, services, entertainment, and much more. One of the key factors distinguishing Digital Zone is its integration with the Qi app, a widely used and popular app among customers. This integration allows Digital Zone to serve millions of customers, connecting them to the products and services they need seamlessly. By leveraging the power of technology and digital solutions, Digital Zone enables individuals and businesses to enhance their digital capabilities and access a world of possibilities.

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May 29, 2024

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