EarthLink Wins Two International Awards for Excellence in Technology and Social Responsibility

Baghdad, Iraq – February 22, 2024
EarthLink, as a leading telecommunications and information technology company in Iraq, has achieved another milestone by winning two international awards from the International Finance Awards for 2023, which were recently announced.
These awards recognize EarthLink’s outstanding role in the technology field, where it won the award for “Fastest Growing ICT Solutions Provider in Iraq” for the diversity of its solutions and services offered to users.
EarthLink also won the award for “Most Innovative CSR Initiatives -Telecom” for its commitment to providing charitable and sustainable development projects since 2015, in line with its belief in the importance of corporate social responsibility.
EarthLink’s charitable programs are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, covering 13 out of 17 goals. The company’s work in this area has been diverse, including a variety of activities and events.
Commenting on this win, Abdullah Najm, a representative of EarthLink, said: “Since the establishment of EarthLink, we have been striving to develop technology in Iraq and advance the telecommunications sector on all its technical fronts, in order to reach a better level of services that satisfy users, whether through finding innovative solutions or through strategic planning and continuous work to build the infrastructure for the telecommunications sector.”
Najm added: “EarthLink is also committed to stimulating the economy and business through its initiatives in social responsibility, where it has a distinguished record of charitable work that is a model to be emulated in various sectors in Iraq.”
These awards are a new addition to EarthLink’s long list of achievements, as the company has previously won several international awards, including:
• Most Innovative Internet and Technology Solutions Provider in Iraq 2021 from The Global Economics Magazine
• Fastest Growing ISP in Iraq 2020 from the International Finance Awards
These awards confirm EarthLink’s commitment to providing the best services and solutions to users, and its active contribution to the development of Iraqi society.

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February 25, 2024

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