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Virtual Management Server (VMS)

Enterprise Class Virtual Server provides secure, high throughput, enterprise level virtual computer/server. The service helps increase operational efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and offer. Greater financial benefits through consumption based billing model. The service allows businesses of all sizes to virtualized computing resource (memory, network, storage) on demand. As a concept of virtualization, the service underpins the performance, availability, and reliability of a wide variety of infrastructure managed services and application-managed services built upon it.


  • Performance: EARTHLINK owns and operates a modern, cloud network that delivers mission-critical cloud applications quickly and without interruption.
  • Security: EARTHLINK offers private connections to leading Cloud Service, combined with built-in security features minimize threats.
  • Flexibility: Connect to the cloud using any mix of public internet and private VPN transport solutions provided by EARTHLINK.
  • Lower Costs: Cloud Connect radically reduces data transfer costs through fixed cloud ingress pricing models.

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