EarthLink sponsors the first of a kind e-learning projects in Iraq.

e-learning project

In its mission to support e-learning projects for students, EarthLink provided free Internet to Baghdad College-High School. This project is being applied by the school in preparation for its application in other schools.

“There are more than 750 students who will benefit from the Internet provided to Baghdad College High School. These students are now relying on e-learning,” said Ali Adnan Ibrahim, head of the e-learning department at Baghdad College High School, and an advisor to the director-general of AL-karkh aloula Education Directorate for Higher Education. He continued, “250 students will be added next year to our e-learning projects so they can benefit from as well. ”

He added: “We rely on iPads in teaching. All our students do their homework and studies using tablet devices. Our teachers, in Baghdad college high school, use a laptop and a smart interactive board in their teaching. They also display scientific experiments through the YouTube platform or specialized scientific platforms or using the school’s website, which provides a range of experiences, and organizes records of attendance. Moreover, books, experiences, lessons, and assignments are shared with students via the iCloud system. In the past, we had no internet access in the school, and teachers had to go home to upload books and texts on the system so that students could access them. However, now, the process is way easier. “In addition to the educational benefits of the internet secured by EarthLink, there are administrative benefits as well. Our accounting units and the Human Resources Unit can communicate easily to complete transactions related to pensions and other stuff. Staff’s data is now sent and received via the internet and for free,” He added.

The head of the e-learning department pointed that: “the Baghdad School, which was founded in 1932 is the first of Iraqi schools to implement the e-learning project, and this has inspired several schools to participate in the implementation of the project as well. Schools from several areas, including Hilla, Diyala, Karkh, and others, have reached out to us to build on our experience in implementing e-learning.”

He continued, “We encourage the preparation of the Internet in other educational institutions if they are using modern education and have the necessary equipment. Otherwise, the Internet might be misused in non-educational matters.”

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May 25, 2019

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EarthLink sponsors the first of a kind e-learning projects in Iraq.

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