Earthlink Reseller Application.. uses and benefits

Earthlink Reseller application

Advantages and uses of the Earthlink Reseller application (Earthlink Reseller)

If you are an Earthlink Reseller, you can take advantage of the great benefits of Earthlink Reseller. The application facilitates your tasks of creating and activating subscriptions quickly and it is simple. It offers the possibility of extending subscriptions to users for one day, creating and following “Tickets” sent to Earthlink with the relevant departments. You can also receive notifications and announcements on your phone wherever you are, and you can view the status of the subscribers and a lot more.

You can run the application, and use it by connecting to any Internet service.

Advantages of the Earthlink Reseller Application.

Create and activate subscriptions

The most important feature in the Earthlink Reseller app is that it saves time and allows you to immediately activate subscriptions for Earthlink users in just a few seconds.

One-day subscription extension

An amazing feature available exclusively in the Earthlink Reseller app is that it allows you to extend the subscription for one day after your subscription expires. This applies to all kinds of subscriptions. This day is part of the (TSTAT) that the company provides monthly to the Reseller for free.

Open and follow-up tickets

If you have a problem with internet service or have any questions, you can send a ticket to the relevant department with a possibility to follow up on the topic. So, our technicians can find a solution to your problem as soon as possible.

In-app ad notifications

To enable you to see all the company’s news, new offers and services, and other details about our Resellers. The app will send notifications to your phone. You can also see the archive of previously published ads.

The state of EarthLink subscribers

The app helps you follow currently active users as well as end-of-subscriptions. In addition to offering subscriptions that will expire after two days or checking subscriptions that ended 7 days ago. The app lets you know high-signal Max subscribers, connected and offline users, who are short on paying.

Earthlink user details

You will see in the app many details about your subscribers such as your subscription, unpaid invoices, subscription expiration date, connection status, last payment date, phone number, and many other details.

Earthlink Subscriber Settings

It is a side menu that shows you Earthlink user settings such as refill, one-day extension, payment, changing username, changing the passcode, changing the account type, deleting the user, and displaying the passcode.

EarthLink Internet Access Log

A great feature that enables you to monitor the internet login of subscribers and you will see your username, connection time, duration of connection to hours and minutes, mac address of the user device, and the number of data transmitted during the time of the connection from upload and download.

You can download the Earthlink Reseller app now.

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October 26, 2019

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