Earthlink sponsoros creativity in international UTFC conference


Earthlink provided technical sponsorship to Utnapishtim; the international festival of creativity.

The festival was held on the 6th of July in the presence of many Arab artists and creators. Utnapishtim is considered as the first annual festival to celebrate and support creative people from different disciplines. Therefore, it is considered as the first festival to choose creators who are honored by committees of renowned artists and academics.

On the other hand, Utnapishtim, which was held under the slogan «Creativity is the key to eternity», aims to honor both the imprint and creativity. The honors were in any field of creativity, whether artistic, academic, sports or other. Those; honors went to:

  • Syrian actress Mona Wassef.
  • Iraqi media worker Nisreen George.
  • Kuwaiti actor Mohammed Mansour.
  • Iraqi writer and researcher Mohammed Affan Al-Hamdani.
  • Egyptian actor Ahmed Bedair, Syrian actor Duraid Lahham.
  • Iraqi actress Fatima al-Rubaie, journalist Faisal al-Yasiri.
  • Lebanese journalist Tony Khalifa.
  • Iraqi singer Star Saad, Iraqi poet Karim al-Iraqi.
  • As well as the 2007 Asian Cup champions.

Meanwhile, The festival’s organizers chose this name as a reference to the legendary Utnapishtim character. The character was mentioned in the epic of Gilgamesh. It is one of the characters the epic talked about saying that she was the only character the gods gave immortality. Thus, The purpose was to build a ship and save mankind from the flood. Thus, the Utnapishtim Festival seeks to perpetuate creative works and support their owners to resist the ominous prophecies as Utnapishtim resisted.

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July 31, 2019

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