My Earthlink application for home users

My Eartlink Application

If you subscribed to one of Earthlink home-user subscriptions, you should download our app right now! My Earthlink application is dedicated to you. The application provides you with a full dashboard that will help you know your subscription type, username, and your plan expiration date, plus the information about our reseller that provides you with the service. And if you want more information,  please check the application’s benefits below;

Knowing your subscription expiry date and refilling it:

By using My Earthlink application, subscribers who logged-in into the application previously will receive an alert before the expiry of the internet subscription plan and another one after the activation. You can log into the application by using your subscription information (username and password) in the “My Account” box to log in.

Subscribers can re-activate the internet subscription after purchasing their subscription card from there reseller. You can refill it by entering the subscription card information for each subscription. This information includes the ID card and password. Also, Earthlink subscribers have the ability to modify their personal information and change their password.

Parental control

Our application gives parents the ability to block sites identified as spam, inappropriate, or sites that offer adult content to ensure that their families have a safe Internet experience. So parents can activate the initial protection by clicking on the “More” tab in the main application interface and then selecting “Parental Control”. The protection will be activated by just one touch.

This feature can only be activated after logging into the application using the user name and the password of the Internet subscription and it works on the following subscriptions only: Economic, Standard, Active, Turbo, and Business.

Earthlink Wi-Fi service

The application provides the ability to identify the location of the nearest Wi-Fi service according to the geographical location. The application requires subscribers to activate their GPS on their mobile phones. This will enable them to locate where free Wi-Fi is via an interactive map. Earthlink Wi-Fi service also enables subscribers to use their home internet subscriptions inside and outside the house at the same time.

More information

The application helps the subscribers to know the rest of the home subscription types. This information will help them choose the subscription that suits them according to their needs. The application will let you know all Earthlink offers and services as well.

Technical support:

By using My Earthlink application, you can contact the Technical Support directly. Our support team will help you directly if you faced any problem.

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June 30, 2019

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