Earthlink campaign for orphans care

Orphans Care

There is more than 600.000 orphan in Iraq, did you know this? And this number is increasing. A lot of people think that the only help they can offer is financial help but they forget about meeting kids and offering them what they need: Care. Taking that into consideration, we, at EarthLink, decided to carry out the orphans care campaign.

Earthlink Campaign for Orphans Care

A humanitarian campaign that aims to visit orphanages in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces to recognize their basic needs and make every effort to secure them. The campaign seeks to nurture children and help them take the first step towards a brighter future. Our staff also volunteer to visit orphanages and connect with children to satisfy emotional and caring needs. They also entertainingly teach them some technological basics to help them find a suitable job in the future. It also aims at spotting light on a social segment of the society to encourage people to provide more help and support to others.

Iraqi Safe House for Creativity

Earthlink’s campaign for orphans began on June 19 when a group of our staff formed a voluntary team to visit the Iraqi House of Creativity: a private institution that supports a group of children through personal funding or fundraising. This organization was founded by human rights activist Hisham Dahabi.

The orphanage has 40 children (ages 3 to 17). We have studied the basic needs of the orphanage and the children. Then, on June 29, we returned to the orphanage with computers and their accessories, office furniture, and free internet connection for life.

Our team visited children in the following days a couple of times to teach them how to use computers, making sure that our lessons will help them in their current study to find the right job in the future. We also made sure to communicate with the children and answer all their questions to build good relations with them. Today, our friends in the Iraqi safe house of creativity believe in the power of technology just like we do, and children there dream of growing up to become part of Earthlink’s voluntary team as they told us on our last visit.

Dar El Nour For Orphans Care

One month into the campaign, we visited another orphanage. The orphanage has 320 children who are eager to learn and study everything related to technology. We Implemented the project’s steps of the first strategy paying more attention to achieve our primary goal. Therefore, volunteer technicians were keen to provide all technological requirements and teach children the basics of using the computer in a way that respects their age and needs.

This experience was one of a kind. For the first time, we got to meet the children and talk with them. We are more than excited to give a hand to society and to visit more orphanages. If you wish to make a change in this world, you can reach out to us and join our Earthlink campaign for orphans.

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September 4, 2019

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