EarthLink employees launch their second charity market initiative.

second charity market

Al Ghad AlMushriq students are back to school thanks to the sponsorship from Earthlink staff. On Saturday, 28/9/2018 Earthlink has announced launching the second charity market initiative that contributes to students registered in Al Ghad AlMushriq Foundation for orphans.

EarthLink promised to provide double the amount the employees will raise to create the charity market. The raised funds were then given to Al Ghad AlMushriq Charity Foundation who purchased and organized all charity market items to welcome the children registered at the charity. The organization also prepared motivational messages and attached them to children’s bags to encourage them to be actively back in school and to study hard.

The second Charity Market Initiative, launched at the beginning of the new school year, seeks to provide students with free-of-charge school uniforms and school supplies. The initiative included more than 1,200 school uniforms. As well as providing bags and other school supplies to more than 462 students of primary and secondary schools.

مبادرة السوق الخيري الثانية

Why do we focus on the educational sector?

Since early 2018, Earthlink has launched a series of charity projects to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in areas of economy, society, and environment. Earthlink has chosen education as a primary goal in its projects because it believes in the role of education, and its importance in creating and developing communities.

The second Earthlink charity initiative, which is presented on behalf of Earthlink staff in cooperation with Al Ghad AlMushriq Foundation is to promote education in Iraq.

As well as encouraging students to start the academic year happily and to study and work hard.

This is the sense that everyone who worked on organizing the market and sponsoring it wants the kids to feel. EarthLink employees have already made donations in the “Your joy is our Eid” campaign, which also held a charity market.

Earthlink Plan to Support Education in Iraq

Earthlink has implemented a series of charitable projects that seek to support education in Iraq. These included the renovation of Ishtar Private School, and providing its laboratories with the Internet. Also, there is the implementation of the e-learning project at the College school of Baghdad. In addition to providing full sponsorship for Al-Ghad Al-Mushriq foundation, so they can establish a training center that aims at educating a group of young people from low-income families to help them understand the basics of electrics and electronics. The company also welcomes university students every year to participate in summer training.

EarthLink promotes education as a human right by providing scholarships for outstanding students in difficult economic circumstances within the Tamkeen Project and EarthLink Education Grant. As well as supporting projects that seek to create jobs for youth.

second charity market

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September 28, 2019

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