Earthlink Ramadan Baskets got delivered to 170 families

Ramadan Basket

A week before Ramadan, Ikram charity sponsored by Earthlink company provided the Ramadan basket to the orphans’ families and needy people living in Baghdad province on Saturday, 28/4/2019.

“The 170 Ramadan baskets were prepared to be distributed on this day to families registered in several projects of the organization, including the Tamkeen project. Tamkeen is the first project to sponsor female students coming from challenging economic conditions, to help them finish their education securing orphans project and Earthlink also provided the full support to the project”, said Suad Abd, financial administrator at the organization.

She added, “During the organization’s early days, we were relying on a system of identifiers. A group of people living in various areas of Baghdad, who helped us reach needy families across the capital. Then Ikram’s team visited every family to get to know more about their economic situation, family members, and then we assisted families according to their needs.”

“We are aiming at reaching more needy people during Ramadan, and our aid will include several governorates such as Kirkuk, Salah al-Din, Karbala, Hilla, Najaf, and others, as we intend to deliver the Ramadan basket to 550 needy families.” Ms. Saud also stressed that each Earthlink Ramadan Basket contains integrated and healthy supplies that meet all needs and alleviate the requirements of these families registered in Ikram charity projects during the holy month.

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May 15, 2019

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