Al-Ghad Al-MushriqTraining Center – Earthlink launches its first training course

first training course

Al-Ghad Al-Mushriq Training Center, established with generous donations from EarthLink company and its employees, held its first training course on Saturday 16/6/2019; to teach young people aged 15 years and above the basics of electrical and electronic productions and electrical control devices.

“Promoting community solidarity is part of the message that CSOs are working on delivering. They are working on it through engaging as much as possible in helping the poor and needy,” said Mr. Mustafa Fadel, founder of Al Ghad AlMushriq. We believe in the leading role of the private sector in strengthening society. The private sector has recently contributed significantly to supporting and supplying many community activities and relief campaigns. This promotes the voluntary work environment, and ensures its possibility and sustainability.”

He further added: “Early education is a basic need for children. This is not just about academic education but also about engaging children in educational workshops and teaching them technical skills at an early age. Al-Ghad Al-Mushriq community has seen the effects of engaging children at an early age in workshops that provide technical and programming skills.”

“Some children acquired different skills at an early age. That helped them boost their self-confidence, and saved them social bullying for being orphans.”

According to the control and organization engineer Yasir Abd al-Kareem “Preparing this workshop is part of our social responsibility towards the orphans.” He added, “The proposed material related to electric and electronic basics will be simplified, and effectively proposed to trainees. They are expected to be able to fix broken house-electrical devices. Also, they are expected to be able to manufacture home security devices and hand-make conversion devices. Tackling such subjects at an early age will encourage them to love the field and enhance their skills through readings. This will also have an impact on their practical and personal lives.

Mr. Asif Al-Khazraji, Head of Corporate Communications at Earthlink, pointed out that the idea arises from the company’s desire to put its employees’ donations at good use through workshops. Earthlink donated double the amount that their employees shared and were able to raise enough money to set up the Bright Tomorrow Training Center and provide 700 children with Eid outfits. “Moreover, EarthLink employees contributed to prepared workshops at the educational center. Trainees of the proper age also get to exercise their training at Earthlink company. “We, at EarthLink company, are keen to implement sustainable development projects every year, and we encourage other Iraqi companies to take a similar step.”

It should be noted that the training workshop launched after the Eid Al-Fitr, will last for six months. The training workshops were divided into six stages through which trainees will learn the basics of fixing and manufacturing electrical devices. The organization will then sell the equipment, and profits will be invested in educating new people, and that’s to ensure the sustainability and development of the initiative. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit EarthLink, where they will receive hands-on lessons from Earthlink employees.

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June 25, 2019

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