Earthlink sponsors the celebration of Al-Nahrain

Dr. Jassem Aboud Al Dabbagh speach

EarthLink sponsored the gathering of Al-Nahrain to celebrate the achievements of all the students.

The gathering aimed to celebrate the success of the students of Electronic Engineering and Communication Department who have studied there since the establishment of the university twenty-seven years ago until the present day.

The Dean of the College, and Head of the Department of Electronic Engineering and Communications, Dr. Jassem Aboud Al Dabbagh, opened the ceremony. We’ve asked students of Al-Nahrain to contribute actively by providing the department with feedback. We will be using the feedback to develop the curriculum, and training programs. They were also encouraged to support new students.

What is the forum activity?

Activities during the forum included the presentation of alumni representative Dr. Alaa Jassem with a speech about contributing to the support of the private, and public sectors. He also praised the efforts made over three decades by the cadres of the department to provide the country with exemplary skills in the engineering sector. And he emphasized the importance of helping new students and working to raise the rank of the section within the global assessment.
The forum also included a speech by a group of graduates, chronicling a success story they had experienced in the engineering sector. And highlighting the importance of the support provided by the Department of Electronic Engineering, and Communications at Al-Nahrain in achieving this success. There was also a moment of silence in memory of late faculty members who had lighted the way for the students of yesterday to become the professors of today.

What does the forum aim to?

The forum aims to increase cooperation between the university and alumni. And to improve educational performance. Plus benefit from the university’s potential to develop the education it provides and its outputs. The outputs have so far succeeded in exchanging new engineering experiences. It also created a permanent link between Al-Nahrain University and its students.

Established in 1988, the Department of Electronic Engineering and Communications offers one of the most important scientific disciplines in terms of the impact it has had on accelerating the pace of scientific. And technical development around the world as well.

It also aims to provide students with basic science and engineering concepts in the field of analog and industrial digital. As well as analog and digital communications, microwave propagation, antennas, communications, and satellites. Graduates are equipped with scientific, and technical capabilities that enable them to enter the fields of engineering. And keep abreast of the rapid progress in the development of modern electronics and communications.

Earthlink has previously contributed to developing education, improving all of its plans and programs throw out the US-Iraq Partnership Program. And we are always ready to contribute to any other referral project that supports our sustainability main goal: Education.

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May 20, 2018

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