Earthlink sponsors The Station first joint workspace in Iraq

The Station

Earthlink has sponsored the first venue of its kind in Iraq, The Station, a joint workspace built to provide the physical space for Iraqi youth, investors and entrepreneurs who need them to build their businesses, as well as developing startups and skills, and creating a supportive society for the youth skills.

how can The Station develop startups and skills?

The founder of The Station, Mujahid Al-Waisi, said that the idea of establishing The Station began after years and years of hard work. The work was carried out by more than one of the entrepreneurs who are interested in developing the community and who own their own projects. They also know all about the barriers faced by young people, what their needs are, and what skills they have, as well as their dreams and ambitions.
We have noticed that there is no environment that supports young people in Baghdad. And we urge them to think in positive ways and to forget about negative and traditional ideas that often depend on the government. That’s why we came up with the idea for The Station. We contacted several investors and finally got together with an important party in the private sector: the Association of Iraqi banks.

What does The joint workplace offer?

The Station offers a range of integrated services. So young people and small entrepreneurs can rent workspaces for nominal fees, without having to rent overpriced offices and bear the costs of the Internet, electricity and other expenses. Customers can also be accommodated in the open space within The Station. Which allows anyone to access it as a place to work in a quiet environment. And enjoy the exceptional Internet service provided by Earthlink.

Project owners are also able to meet with their employees and customers within The Station’s meeting rooms. This service is provided to subscribers only. So The Station can be a starting point for small projects for six months or a year and a half… And others, until they can achieve the success that helps them to leave The Station without any restrictions or conditions.

Why people visits the Station?

Al-Waisi also added Several entities supported The Station, including the Association of Iraqi Banks, which provided great support to the project. The Dutch Embassy, which provided some services to the existing workplaces. As well as the support of Earthlink, providing free Internet to the pioneers of this extraordinary place, and this was an important gesture, And a great success point for The Station.

However, the opening of The Station was at a time when Iraq was facing a problem with the Internet. The problem because of a range of issues related to submarine cables among other things. As well as some political problems that affected the Internet services provided to The Station in one way or another. The Internet has become an essential element. And the backbone of the enterprise. So we believe that Earthlink has a great responsibility to provide a different Internet service. As our business relies on it very heavily, he said.

We are delighted to partner with Earthlink. Because we believe that without a strong and important partner providing a reliable Internet service. There will be no real and exceptional experience for The Station. We are always looking to improve the service, as Earthlink always does. And you will notice this when visiting The Station. One of the most important reasons why people visit The Station is their search for the decent Internet.

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December 29, 2018

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