Earthlink and Al-ghad Al-Mushriq employee’s collaboration pays off as a youth education center

Al-Ghad Al-Myshriq

As part of a series of charitable projects that implement Earthlink’s plan for sustainable development, its employees donated to Al-Ghad Al-Myshriq Charitable Foundation during the holy month of Ramadan to establish a charity center for youth education.

“The idea of ​​establishing the training center is inspired by the modern trend that adopts e-training, and calls for a better understanding of systems and encourages young people to work in fields of design, programming, and communications as they are ever-evolving areas,” said Mr. Mustafa Al-Ghali, founder of Al-Ghad Al-Myshriq foundation. He added, “We are aiming at holding workshops for young people from low-income families to help them understand the basics of electrics and electronics.”

The founder of Al-Ghad Al-Myshriq pointed out that the Foundation encourages young people to engage in these areas so they can build solid experience and competence. This would enable them to get jobs in the private sector in the future. He added, “We support young people by helping them find their empowering passion, to overcome difficulties and bring their dreams to reality.”

He continued, “The center seeks to conduct a series of workshops for young people aged 15 years and above who come from low-income families to help them understand the basics in such fields and bring them great benefit. Moreover, the Foundation has already held several cultural related, educational, and developmental workshops, so it has good experience in this field.”

Mr. Fadel pointed out that the training launched after Eid Al-Fitr is meant to last for six months. The training workshops were put into six stages aiming at teaching young people the principles of maintenance and manufacturing of electrical control devices. The Foundation will then sell the manufactured equipment, and use the profits to educate new people. The process will ensure the sustainability and advancement of the project. Participants will also have the chance to visit EarthLink, where Earthlink’s employees will offer them lessons as part of the workshop.

Earthlink’s employees have left an inspirational statement on the center’s wall, and it says: “Because you are the future, we are offering you this simple gift. We hope it will help you in your journey towards prosperity, and building a bright tomorrow.”

Al Ghad AlMushriq Foundation was established by the end of 2008 and started work by implementing health and food projects, building houses, and establishing small and medium businesses for orphans’ families. The Foundation also provides care for orphans along with financial, social and health sponsorships, in addition to claiming their rights, and seeking to integrate them with the community in a way that suits them, through a series of events and celebrations. One of which was: “a small-big step marathon” where Earthlink was the golden sponsor.

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June 12, 2019

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