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Proud to be 100% Iraqi owned and operated!

At Earthlink, we are pioneer and innovative, delivering the leading internet and technology solutions of tomorrow. Our Mission to provide internet and business solutions beyond ISP limits maximizing business growth with flexibility, speed, and trust.

Our story

Earthlink is racing to be the first in Internet services delivery.

As the idea of having resellers was to deliver internet service to every and each area in Iraq, since it was almost impossible due to the lack of infrastructure in Iraq and that led to a great part in applying social solidarity in our community by offering job opportunities for people to work as resellers and that took part in the elimination of unemployment in Iraq.

Also, it helped in improving the educational level through increasing the knowledge of technologies in Iraq, with our resellers Earthlink became one big family that brings together all Iraqi people.

Advantages of being Earthlink’s reseller


99% Uptime

Our resellers enjoy a win-win relationship, and can get strong returning revenue stream as we have the best network availability among all of the internet service providers in Iraq.


24/7 Technical Support

Earthlink has a presence in every city and town of Iraq; And resellers get to have 24/7 support service to help them solve any immediate problems.

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We also provide many other technical solutions such as sending a technical team to the tower location to ensure that all devices are set correctly and install the whole point as well as solving any other problems.


Fail Safe

Earthlink cares about its resellers and ensures that none take no pecuniary damages, so we provide our new resellers compensatory subscriptions to cover all their users.

How to become Earthlink reseller?

Build your business by joining our family!

All you need to do is to deliver a request for Earthlink either by attending to the company or by submitting the below form, For resellers that want to change their services to Earthlink, you need to attach a photo of your subscribers’ list and their subscription’s end period, to get compensating subscription for each user.

    Conditions and restrictions

    The location of the tower must be identified by doing a site visit to measure the distance between it and the other towers belonging to other agents in the same area, We will also consider the number of subscribers in the nearby towers that belong to Earthlink. After the completion of all legal procedures between the agent and the company, the tower will be activated.

    The policy of the new towers that's working with Earthlink :

    Marketing deadline

    The new agents get to have a two months deadline to achieve 21 subscribers.

    An approved tower

    When achieving the target the tower will be approved by the company and the owner will earn all the benefits of being a reseller including the free user subscription.

    Non approved tower

    If not achieving 11-20 subscribers within 2 months, the free user subscription will be suspended.

    Canceling collaboration

    For reseller that couldn't achieve 11 subscriptions, the tower will be suspended and the collaboration is considered off.

    Merging subscriptions

    Will result in suspending the tower and the reseller will pay penalty of 3000 dollars.

    The policy of the old towers that's been activated before 2 months:

    Marketing deadline

    The reseller must keep raising the number of subscribers or keep the same amount of subscribers (21 subscribers or more).

    An approved tower

    All approved towers earn all the benefits of being an Earthlink reseller, including the free user subscription.

    Non approved tower

    When there is any decrease in the number of subscribers for a number that's less than 21 subscribers; The free subscription will be discontinued.

    Canceling collaboration

    If the number of subscribers drops below 11; The tower will be canceled.

    Merging subscriptions

    Will result in suspending the tower and the reseller will pay penalty of 3000 dollars.

    Earthlink Reseller App

    Manage everything with Reseller App

    Earthlink Reseller application is considered as one the best control panel around the country in user management field, which enables resellers to: 

    • Manage different accounts.
    • Activate user subscriptions.
    • Renew user subscriptions.
    • Manage users payments.
    • Set prices.
    • Submit support tickets.

    Login to desktop version or download a native Earthlink Reseller App:


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    Contact technical support

    We are dedicated to support our resellers 24/7 at all levels and to provide the best service and experience to our resellers and joint customers. You can contact our support team or by sending a ticket from the reseller application.

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