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Retention and Loyalty Team Leader


Baghdad Governorate


The position is responsible for supervising the daily activities of Retention and Loyalty officers in terms of rewarding events and VAS service awareness in order enhance opportunities of profitability and reduce customer churn . This position is also responsible to provide required information to increase and enhance profitability of marketing.

Key Duties:

  • Oversee the Retention and Loyalty activities to ensure achieving revenue targets.
  • Lead and coordinate overall Retention and Loyalty performance of team to reach productivity and growth goals.
  • Lead and coordinate conversion of service requests to ensure Retention and Loyalty programs are implanted with level of quality.
  • Manage Retention and Loyalty officers Staff to guide and motivate the Retention and Loyalty team.
  • Mediate between Retention and Loyalty team and management to address complaints and dissatisfaction from both parties.
  • Compile churn Reports to evaluate the performance of various products and make sound business
  • Decisions and ensure customer and churn data are up-to-date.
  • Implement and suggest Vas awareness programs to reach new customers and the existing ones to boost for consumer sales department.
  • Ensure consumer sales staff have support in terms of product and system queries to ensure that customers receive the information they need.
  • Assist the team in high peak times ensuring all customer inquiries are handled on time.
  • Train members of the Retention and Loyalty team upgrade their outreaching and networking skills.
  • Motivate Retention and Loyalty team to ensure they have the drive towards sales in good and difficult times.
  • Handle administration in terms of Stationaries, maintenance, registration, Hospitality, Security, Cleaning and any other related administrative services.
  • Monitor proper archiving of team documents related to customers information and Retention and Loyalty activities.

Officer tasks:

  • Coordinate loyalty and retention programs to ensure lowest risk rate for churn.
  • Conduct churn analysis, including identification of areas where there are challenges and opportunities to reduce churn.
  • Keep customers information up to date and monitor customer retention and loyalty trends
  • Implement programs to develop retention and loyalty opportunities.
  • Corroborate marketing initiatives and develop services to acquire and retain customers.
  • Plan events for customer rewarding programs.
  • Manage Vas services awareness campaigns to ensure customers engagement with products.
  • Educate existing customers and new lead for product values
  • Work with related departments to ensure retaining existing customers.
  • Search of customers’ needs reach out them in order to promote products and Vas services

Staff Management/Internal Processes:

  • Recommend to supervisor performance level, Hiring, Firing, and Transfer of staff for the team.
  • Implement and Manage employee shifting schedules, daily activities.
  • Record daily the attendance records and ensure company policy is implemented.
  • Implement Health and Safety Rules and ensure policy is implemented.
  • Prepare and submit the daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports as per section guidelines.
  • Coordinate daily schedule of employee assignments and ensure performance meets SLAs.
  • Resolve all employee personnel inquiries, conflicts and grievances.


  • BA Degree in Business Admin or any related field.
  • 3-5 Year Experience in retention and Loyalty Programs.
  • Good Command of English and Arabic- Written and Spoken
  • Good Command of Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Strong interpersonal skills for interacting with employees and clients.
  • Retention and Loyalty handling, etc.
  • Developing customer complaints management policies and procedures
  • Knowledge of Events Reward programs.
  • Must be acquainted with best practices in R&L.
  • Good organizational skills to balance and prioritize work.
  • Understanding of local and international market.
  • Must be self-directed and able to work independently.
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