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Hotspot Services Team Leader


Baghdad Governorate


This position is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the VAS Services sales representatives to achieve sales targets, customer acquisition, and revenue as well as customer satisfaction rates. The position is responsible for ensuring all customer requests are handled in a timely basis providing support to the sales team in resolving difficult customer problems, escalation of tickets, training on new products. This position is also responsible for providing market intelligence data and prepare sales forecasts analysing the area coverages compared to competition and ensure Sales team activates are effective in identifying potential company coverage points.

  • Follow up on all tickets related to Hotpot Locations & VAS Services.
  • Seek for and Follow up on installation of new hot spot sites.
  • Follow up preparation and activate the hot spot cards.
  • Handle Preparation of the towers related to Hot Spot.
  • Follow up on the number of subscribers for the hot spot services.
  • Setup plans for expansion of hot spot services in all locations.
  • Finalize and submit promotional campaigns to increase number of subscribers for the hot spot.
  • Follow up key stakeholders’ hot spot services activation through Earthlink users’ account.
  • Follow up resolving problems with hot spot accounts.
  • Handle max section issues and problems as well as setup the service, number of subscribers.
  • Ensure to detect the sites that leave the service and know the reasons for leaving us and try to convince not to dismantle the service and support a plan to avoid and prevent such problems in future.
  • Ensure hot spot database is fully updated and ensure customers’ data is maintained.
  • Follow all issues related to theft of equipment from the locations.
  • Coordinate with the shops to handle the delivery of the cards, open new locations, sign the contracts and follow the issues related to the stolen devices from the sites in provinces.
  • Organize the sales journey of the VAS Service Representatives and monitory their performance.
  • Create the new tunnel (new @) and follow the site activation and adding IP by the technical team.
  • Follow Receiving the amounts for the monthly subscriptions and products and deliver it to the accounting and responsible that everything will done as per plan.
  • Follow Hotspot service being supplied through the max tower and sometimes call the max tower owner to convince him to install the devices (Master).
  • Build and develop a strong team through implementation of recruitment and development initiatives.
  • Coach, motivate and retain staff, develop individual as well as team capabilities.
  • Select and recommend hiring employees, train and evaluate employees to enhance their
  • Manage daily entry and accuracy of information in the system, ensure automation of processes
  • Prepare the daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports as per department guidelines
  • Maintain the section electronic and manual archiving.
  • Guarantee high quality of internal administration, filing and traceability of all documents to ensure
  • Manage the utilization of staff and workflow of processes, propose initiatives for improvement.

Supervisory/People Management Duties:

performance, development, and work output.

to achieve efficiency.

efficiency and effectiveness of the department.

Coach and Train staff on new technologies and processes, continually improving the status quo.


BSc degree in Telecommunication Engineering, Business Administration,

Marketing, or Information Technology.

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