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Consumer Sales Representative


Dhi Qar Governorate


This position is responsible for achieving revenue targets, customer acquisition and revenue growth for the region assigned maintaining the highest customer satisfaction rates. This position is responsible for upselling and cross selling of customers, visiting clients, collect market data, updating customer database, monitoring and escalating all customer related requests to ensure all customer requests are handled timely and effectively.

Key duties

  • Achieve Sales Target of existing customers.
  • Maintain and update customer data on a regular basis.
  • Identify competition Towers and Close deals to convert to company Towers.
  • Monitor Daily the Tickets of the assigned customers and follow up on escalation of issues for the customers with the support department, following up clients different requests upgrade, downgrade,open new tunnels installation milestones from CRM point of view.
  • Handle all financial matters and contracts related to the assigned customers.
  • Analyze the area assigned in terms of company coverage, competitors’ offers, capacity and service quality checks and send reports to management.
  • Check the supply service through the survey and send a report to the supervisor to follow and solve the issues .
  • Identify the Towers Locations and continually update data to ensure all data recorded is correct.
  • Prepare sales forecasts for the assigned customers and provide to accounts team leader for the purpose of sales planning and budgeting.
  • Identify towers not conforming to policy, report them and ensure fixing any in conformity to company contracts, policies and procedures.
  • Follow up on Back up Towers and connect them to the nearby repeaters.
  • Conduct Site survey if needed to identify areas where company can expand the service coverage.
  • Handle Point activation for resellers by following up with the concerned department.
  • Following up regarding resellers problems and provided the best solutions by concerned department.
  • Ensure all data of resellers is fully updated and maintained in databases ensuring changing information in timely manner, entering new resellers/points into the database.
  • Work on seeking new clients to handle Conversion points from competition.
  • Handle following up replacement card with concerned department
  • Follow up on site surveys and identify distances between towers.
  • Handle following up with the tickets related to point activation, re-activation, contracts….etc.
  • Send site Survey employees to identify points and towers.
  • Transfer and convert source of buying card for our resellers by following up with the concerned department Follow making the sub affiliate & groups for our agents by follow up with the concerned department.
  • Discussing with the customers the ability of upgrading their coverage, signing a contract with us, giving them an offer from pre sales department, Or Opening new tunnels.
  • Submit requested reports to Management.
  • Submit a report clarify the towers ( repeater and points ) locations for the other companies
  • Check and follow the other companies’ offers.
  • Doing the commercial survey to increase the coverage clarify the total population and the active companies their and the commercial advantage for the company if we supply the service.
  • Support all the future projects of the company like the FTTH and create active marketing plans to make sure that such projects will back to the company with high benefits.


  • Minimum Bachelor in Business Admin, Information Technology or any related field.
  • Minimum 1 Year Experience in Sales outdoor.
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