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Power Technician A

Field Maintenance

Baghdad Governorate


This position is responsible for Maintenance of Power equipment at the site in terms of repair, installation, preventive maintenance or any other tasks related to cooling maintenance.

This position handles complex Technical issues guiding the junior Technicians in resolution utilizing long experience in Technical ISP field maintenance and installation specializing in Power Equipment.

As a progression from this position, the employee either can choose the technical path or the managerial path showing proven record of initiative taking, continuous improvement, working independently, problem solving, helping others, sharing knowledge, advancing in education and certification levels, attending trainings and improving knowledge, commitment to goals and work rules, reading manuals, guiding and support team members.

General Duties:

  • Handle installation, equipment layout, integration, commissioning, testing, optimization, operation, as well as identification and maintenance of Power Equipment on the site.
  • Regularly climb ladders and work on rooftops and may occasionally work on towers.
  • Handle status monitoring systems and demonstrate ability to diagnose and solve problems.
  • Check connectivity for correct functionality and optimal performance.
  • Ensure adequate supply levels by inventorying stock and communicating needs to warehouse
  • Treat customers with respect, courtesy, and professionalism at all times
  • Provide daily status monitoring of assigned sites.
  • Maintain and report monthly performance statistics.
  • Load required tools and material into assigned Company vehicle with automatic transmission.
  • May need to drive from and to site locations.
  • Use hand tools to connect wires to terminals and to attach and detach various kinds of hardware to cable, etc. Work with color coded wires.
  • Adhere to policies and procedures while working autonomously
  • Maintain a safe work environment by following safe practices and adhering to safety policies.
  • Follow industry codes, regulations, and standards.
  • Works independently with minimal supervision on resolving technical issues, installing, troubleshooting, maintaining, and upgrading network systems and equipment.
  • Handle advanced tasks of Installing and programming equipment and handle setup and repair.
  • Handle identification of all equipment, including power sources, cable, etc. at cell sites.
  • Prepare and assembles Scope of Work, Method of Procedure, Bill of Materials, “as-built” drawings, and site specific installation instructions for client.
  • Review and analyze complex drawings to determine work to be done, methods and sequence of tasks.
  • Perform preventative maintenance on all assigned company tools, equipment and motor vehicle.
  • Provide technical support to apprentice technicians remotely or on the job.
  • Conduct troubleshooting and fault isolation techniques; utilize remote test systems to isolate and resolve customer network outages.
  • Perform remote installation, testing and provisioning to provide quality products and services.
  • Perform testing and diagnostic procedures on equipment according to published equipment standards.
  • Interpret accurately clients’ specs and layout drawings.
  • Check connectivity for correct functionality and optimal performance.
  • Communicate the wiring plan and equipment lay-out prior to the installation
  • Identify potential performance “bottle necks" in the system
  • Ensures proper site operation; inspecting cable and electrical equipment
  • Identify and designing potential new areas to be developed.
  • Refer to and interprets schematics, manuals, and manufacturer's instructions
  • Update and improve job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities, reading technical publications, and participating in on-going technical training.
  • Handle complex tasks of fault diagnosis, problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Demonstrate high proficiency in monitoring, maintenance and repair of all major network system components with minimal or no supervision and assists others in resolving complex problems.
  • Demonstrate high proficiency in resolving most complex problems with all Cell Site components, including transmission facilities that connect to the Mobile Switching Center.
  • Able to train others and give technical assistance when called upon.
  • Perform required incidental and preventative maintenance on cell site, power equipment, transmission, and associated equipment, and completes necessary logs, reports and postings.

Power Technician B – Specialized Duties:

  • Handle Electrical and power equipment repair at the site installation.
  • Handle Installation the generator 5 KVA , 16KVA , 30 KVA
  • Handle Configuration the Power Devices (ups, icp and pdu)
  • Handle Site survey to check the site availability from the power side (shelter location, Gen location, Main Power Source, Second Power source.

Power Workshop Technician:

  • Repair the malfunctions the Electronic devices (Power supplies & UPS's &Auto chargers & PDU's).
  • Handle Reprogramming the devices mentioned above.
  • Keep all repaired item in logs up to date.

Technician A - Duties:

Field Technicians – General Abilities:

  • Understand optical network design.
  • Knowledge of RF, AC, DC.
  • Ability to safely use weight-bearing equipment (such as safety harness and ladders) within the maximum weight limitations of that equipment.
  • Ability to accurately measure distances, using tapes or other measuring devices.
  • Ability to carry, climb and operate extension ladder and poles using hooks and climbing belts as needed.
  • Ability to differentiate between different sizes and colors of wires
  • Ability to dig in all types of soil to bury cable.
  • Ability to make cable connections in tight spaces by bending, reaching, twisting
  • Ability to use hand tools; ability to use propane torch
  • Ability to walk over all types of conditions in all kinds of weather while carrying tools and equipment, including ladders, and fully loaded tool belts
  • Ability to work while standing 50 - 70% of the time
  • Ability to work with small components and wires to make cable connections


  • Fair Command of English and Arabic- Written and Spoken
  • Fair Command of Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, Email)
  • 5 Years’ experience in telecommunication/ISP or network operations industry specializing in Power.
  • Diploma in related field with Technical Certification
  • Construction and installation
  • Preventive & Corrective Maintenance Techniques
  • Structural and Mechanical systems understanding
  • Use of diagnostic equipment.
  • Health & Safety Techniques.
  • Tools and Equipment utilization.
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