Light Package

If you are a phone user; you will love or «Light» subscription that will keep you connected to your friends and society.

Perfect for starting

Speed Ratio: 1 X
Suitable for: 1 user

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This is the most affordable package that contains all of the features with enough internet speed to start your solo internet surfing.

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Connect over fast and reliable internet, with 99% availability.

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Enjoy the online entertainment and media services.

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Light Package FAQ

Earthlink packages summary

Earthlink packages for Internet is perfect for you

What are the advantages of the light subscription?

  • It would be nice to use this subscription for browsing by phone on social media channels, “Light” keeps you in touch with your friends and surroundings.
  • Suitable for: 1 user. Click to subscribe.

Do the light subscription suitable for my use of the Internet?

This subscription is for a single user, used to browse social media and chat. And you can find out which subscription is suitable for you via a help plan.

What is the price of a light subscription?

Subscription prices are determined by Resellers, where prices are usually somewhat similar between Resellers, and if you are dissatisfied with the price of your subscription, please contact us through social media channels.

Are there other subscriptions at different speeds?

Light is the first one of user subscriptions, and users have the choice to choose between them as appropriate for their use, (Light, Economy, Standard, Active, Turbo, Business).

How many users are optimal for a light subscription?

 Light subscription is suitable for a single user, which is used to browse social media channels and chat.

How do I check my active subscription type?

You can find out the details of your home subscription, subscription type, username, remaining days and many other details through My EarthLink application.

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