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Distribution Key Accounts Manager


Baghdad Governorate


This position is responsible for the management of sales and relationships with particular Distributors, and maintaining the company's existing relationships, also is responsible for achieving revenue targets, customer acquisition and revenue growth for the assigned companies maintaining the highest customer satisfaction rates. This position is responsible for maintaining full support and relation with the customer to handle request immediately, collect market data, updating customer database, monitoring, and escalating all customer related requests to ensure all customer requests are handled timely and effectively.

  • Responsible for all activities related to companies such as meeting revenue targets, revenue growth, maintaining the company's satisfaction rate, maintaining full support to ensure all company's requests are handled effectively.
  • Handle answering all company’s inquiries and questions with 100% availability and provide continuous support and service to each company and resolving all complaints.
  • Make double check on point setup and towers activation, if rejected then escalate to the Manager by providing detailed analysis of the site survey reports, Track Point activation for companies by following up with the concerned departments.
  • Handle customer retention and minimize companies’ contraction and prevent churn generating high levels of revenue and profitability.
  • Upselling for the existing accounts to maximize the revenue.
  • Provide the companies with a basic understanding of the functionality of the products and services they purchase so that can immediately enjoy their new solutions.
  • Handle all relationship for companies meeting revenue objectives and meeting customer needs by following up all customer requests and ensure 100% Availability answering calls and inquiries from customers.
  • Seek new accounts to achieve revenue growth.
  • Communicate with the companies regarding site survey results and the needed equipment to finalize the site setup.
  • Work with the Distribution Manager on preparing campaign offers, promotional offers for the companies to increase revenues and create new revenue streams.
  • Prepare sales forecasts for the assigned companies and provide to management for the purpose of sales planning and budgeting.
  • Coordinate with direct/indirect sales teams to gather the market information by conducting market research providing full details of competitors companies coverage and number of subscribers related to them in the assigned governorates, and analyze the area assigned in terms of company coverage, competitors’ offers, capacity and service quality checks and send reports to management, also the commercial advantage for the company if we supply the service.
  • Ensure data is up-to-date in the systems for the assigned companies and update of the information as needed.
  • Hold regular meetings with companies raising complex issues related to their business.
  • Help companies understand how they might improve their business in ways they have yet to fully appreciate on their own and emphasize the future benefits of the commercial relationship.
  • Follow up with companies about in-active towers (have less than 20 users, traffic less than 5 mega … etc.), communicate with them trying to convince them to increase the users and solve their problems if any and prepare a monthly report for management.
  • For New Clients, handle negotiations and deal closing from point of opportunity identification till closing the deal.
  • Handle company’s products and Prices negotiation, creation and discount based on customer profiling policies and ensure deal closing seeking advice from the Sales Manager to identify the best pricing strategy for the customers and be focused on achieving mutually beneficial, "win-win" results and be alert to customer buying signals and identifies and acts on closing opportunities.
  • After the offer is finalized, following up about signing the contracts and handle coordination with legal.
  • Submit reports to management regarding sales journey and leads creation.
  • Handle all financial matters and follow up on debits and company’s remaining credits if needed.
  • Follow up on escalation of issues for the assigned companies with the concerned department ensuring highest customer satisfaction.
  • Follow up directing client legal inquiries to our legal department while investigating and looking up the feasibility of requested legal revisions.
  • Ensure sales prices are according to company approved price lists, follow up on any discrepancy and resolve it with Management.
  • Handle Conversion points and users from competitors to assigned companies.
  • Resolve conflicts in a professional and efficient manner.
  • Submit requested reports to Management.
  • Controlling the new internal policy regarding approvals of towers, compensation and legal distances between towers that will be created for companies, does not make a conflict with Earthlink’s policy in the future.
  • Monitor the company's activities closely and ensure that it does not acquire users directly or indirectly from the parent company or sister companies.
  • Make regular visits to companies' sites in the field in his assigned governorates to strengthen the relationship and learn about work procedures.
  • Follow up and monitor all strategic plans to increase the number of users, expand in the low coverage areas of parent company and all the areas with high competition.
  • Assisting companies to create a new business line in all fields to increase profitability.


BSc in Business Admin or any related field.

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