Business Pro Litte

If you work from home, or have a small company, and need fast internet suitable for your
work, we have specially designed for you our new subscription (Business Pro Lite), which
will complete your work on internet, how matter huge it is, with a reasonable price, and
having the same features that “Business Pro” subscription have.

For small business owners

Speed Ratio: 7.6X
Suitable for: 12 users

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Fast and Stable

A subscription characterized by speed and stability

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Good Price

Finish your work and don't care about the cost. This subscription was designed specifically for small businesses, so we reduced the cost for you.

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Security and Protection

We care about protecting our customers, so all your data is completely encrypted and we protect your business from hacking and suspicious sites

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The subscription is not limited to business only, you can use the subscription in your home as well and open all entertainment and other sites

IP Subnet

The IP Subnet service is an additional service that you can obtain if you subscribed to a Sharikat service, as it will contribute to increasing the performance in your business due to the service’s features.

● Enhanced protection for your data.
● Increase performance in your online business.
● High flexibility.

You can specify the payment type through the following methods:

● One payment based on the type of service type.
● Monthly payment during the contract period.

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Business Package FAQ

EarthLink packages summary

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What are the advantages of the Turbo subscription?

  • The fastest and most stable subscription for business and family.
  • Suitable for: 12 users Click to subscribe.

Business subscription Is it suitable for small companies and individuals?

  • Fast and stable internet can help you turn your small business into a great project! Get business done more smoothly and quickly with a Business subscription, which is dedicated to business and family.
  • Suitable for: 12 users
  • And you can find out which subscription is suitable for you via a help plan.

What is the price of a Turbo subscription?

Subscription prices are determined by Resellers, where prices are usually somewhat similar between Resellers, and if you are dissatisfied with the price of your subscription, please contact us through social media channels.

Are there other subscriptions with different speeds?

Business subscription represents the highest home subscriptions and the most rapid and stable for individuals and businesses, we also provide many other subscriptions, which are not less quality and speed, but dedicated to certain uses that meet the needs of the user, including (light, economic, Standard, active, fast, business).

How many users are optimal for an Plus subscription?

With 12 users, you could use the business subscriptions with Smoother, faster and without packet loss or lag.

How do I check my active subscription type?

  • You can find out the details of your home subscription, subscription type, username, remaining days and many other details through My EarthLink application.
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