Earthlink adopts solar energy in 14 locations

solar energy

Taking solid steps towards sustainable development

Earthlink has implemented a new solar energy project aimed to supply its multiple locations across Iraq with power.

“We were able to cover 60% of our energy needs at 14 Earthlink sites across Iraq،,” said Mr. Ali Talat, General Manager of The Field Maintenance Department at Earthlink. He added, “Perhaps the reason we depend on clean energy is because of the difficulty of delivering electricity to workplaces in areas far from cities, where it is difficult to rely on power generators as well.”

The Director-Generall of the Field Maintenance Section continued: “Solar energy has provided several benefits to Earthlink, and has met the Sustainable Development Goals that we are pursuing through a series of projects.” So we started working a year and a half ago on studying and implementing this project, and we aspire to rely on solar energy to cover 10% of our need by the end of 2019.”

What are the benefits of depending on solar energy?

Mr. Ali said: “Solar energy is an alternative energy that shapes a backup to electricity provided through the national grid, and it has many benefits, including reducing the costs of fuel or electric power supply. Besides, the lack of options in many areas of Iraq has led us to rely on solar energy.


Reliance on alternative energy has multiple economic and environmental benefits. The SDGs ensure that everyone has access to reliable and sustainable modern energy services at an affordable cost. This can be achieved by increasing the use of renewable energy sources. Energy consumption is an important cause of climate change, accounting for about 60% of total GHG emissions. They cause high temperatures and increase air pollution, due to combustible fuels and many other harmful effects.


 Source: Sustainable Development Goals – UNITED NATIONS

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April 7, 2019

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