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The 1000 winners of Earthlink

contest include all Earthlink current Active and new users on Earthlink application after submitting their accurate user data via mobile application.

Contest Rules:

 Each active  user on  Earthlink network is able to participate in the contest and has the chance of  winning one of the prizes, as well as enter the grand raffle for a chance to win a Nissan sunny car by following the steps below:


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The thousand winner tournament
Frequently Asked Questions

Is the subscriber entitled to win twice the daily prize?


What is the 1000 Winners Contest?

The 1000 contest is a contest that includes all existing and new Earthlink subscribers, where 1000 prizes will be distributed to users of Earthlink application after submitting their required information in the application.

Is the subscriber who win the daily prize entitled to win the grand prize?


What is the duration of the contest?

 The contest was launched on 25-07-2021 and will continue until 31-12-2021

What is the mechanism used to choose the daily winner or the grand prize winner?

Winners will be drawn through an electronic raffle.

How to participate in the contest?

By following these steps:

  • Download Earthlink app from Google Play or Apple Store.
  • Login by submitting the username and password for your Internet subscription.
  • Enter the required information through the application.
  • Ensure that you submit the correct information, especially an active phone number, so the winner can be accessible

How do I know I won ?

The winner will be contacted by phone to verify his registered information with us.

How can I recognize the username and password of my subscription?

 The user name and password must be obtained from the reseller (service provider)

What is the condition for entering the electronic raffle?

You must enter a valid and effective phone number, otherwise another winner will be chosen

Are non-Earthlink subscribers allowed to participate in the contest?


Are Earthlink employees allowed to participate in the contest?


What are the communication channels used for this campaign?

  • Earthlink website
  • Social media
  • End user Application (My Earthlink)
  • Reseller app notification

If the subscription is inactive, can I participate in the contest?

 No, the subscription must be active.

Can the reseller participate in the competition?


Can corporate subscribers participate in the competition?

No, Only for consumers ( Home subscription)

Can I get more information about the contest?

For inquiries, please contact our customer service team via My Earthlink application. 

How can I get more information about the contest?

  •  Contact our call centre via 07817788994- 07717788994
  • My earthlink application – News
  • Social media
  • Website

Can the required information be entered through the reseller?


To enter the competition, you must enter the required information through Earthlink application (my EarthLink app)

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